Pasar Raya Indonesia

2018-09-14 10:00 - 2018-09-16 22:00
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Pasar Raya Indonesia or formerly known as Pesta Rakyat is a major cultural festival that marks the celebration of Indonesian Independence Day. This event reflects the happiness of the Indonesian people celebration and also the richness of its traditions and cultural heritage that is presented in three main activities in the festival: Culture, Musical Performance and Culinary Experience.

Authentic Indonesian Products
Pasar Raya is a perfect marketplace where you can find authentic Indonesian Products or Services. You can find many traditional products, handicrafts, artworks and many other things from the original sellers.

Cultural & Musical Performance
Pasar Raya is not only about marketplace. It is a festival by nature, it is a people celebration, where people can enjoy performances from Indonesian artists and entertainers. Everyone is invited to sing and dance together.

Indonesian Culinary Experience
Indonesia is rich of its culinary tradition. Many people here love Indonesian food, and come to this kind of event for that purpose. Pasar Raya is the perfect place for having the authentic Indonesian culinary experience.


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