'Si Doel' film remake to premiere in the Netherlands

Si Doel The Movie, the feature film adaptation of a renowned soap opera from the 1990s, will premiere in the Netherlands in response to overwhelming request from an enthusiastic public.

The movie’s director/actor, Rano Karno, said that he was flooded with requests for the movie to be screened in that country.

“When we were shooting in the Netherlands, again and again people came up to me and asked for the movie to be screened there. I told this to [production company] Falcon, and they gave the green light,” Rano said on Monday during a press conference in Jakarta.

He said that initially, the movie was to be screened at the Indonesian Embassy in Amsterdam, but then the venue was switched to the prestigious Pathé Tuschinski Cinema.

Several cast members plan to wear traditional Betawi clothing to the premiere.

Rano said requests to premiere the movie in the Netherlands also came from bloggers in France and England. “However, we will make Amsterdam the central. The bloggers will come to the Netherlands for the gala premiere,” he added.

The movie is to be released screen in Indonesia on Aug. 2. It tells the story of a love triangle involving Doel (Rano), Sarah (Cornelia Agatha) and Zaenab (Maudy Koesnaedi). (wng)

 source: The Jakarta Post

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