State Visit to Indonesia

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The Holand Times: At the invitation of H.E. President Joko Widodo of the Republic of Indonesia, Their majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen maxima of the Kingdom of the Netherlands paid a State visit to Indonesia from 9 - 12 March 2020. more info: 
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Medan (ANTARA) - Dutch King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima Zorreguieta Cerruti paid a visit to Bukit Singgolom, Lintong Nihuta Village, Tampahan Sub-District, Toba District, on Thursday. During the visit, King Willem and Queen Maxima were accompanied by Coordinating Minister for Maritime ...
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Medan (ANTARA) - Dutch King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima Zorreguieta Cerruti were handed over a traditional cloth of “Ulos Pinunsaan” during their visit to a Bataknese traditional house in Siambat Dalan District, Toba, North Sumatra, on Thursday. “Ulos Pinunsaan,” ...
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Op de tweede dag van het staatsbezoek zijn koning Willem Alexander en koningin Maxima in Yogyakarta ontvangen door de sultan van Yogia. Dat deed hij met een traditionele ceremonie in de kraton, het paleis. Er werden geschenken uitgewisseld en de koning en koningin kregen een rondleiding langs ...
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Mr President, It is a great honour for my wife and me to be your guests. In recent years we have got to know each other well. We see this state visit as an affirmation of the close bond that has grown between us. And we look forward to making the bond with you and your country even stronger. We ...
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Koning Willem-Alexander heeft excuses aangeboden voor Nederlands geweld in Indonesië tijdens de Indonesische onafhankelijkheidsstrijd tussen 1945 en 1949. Dat deed hij op de eerste dag van het staatsbezoek aan Indonesië. "Voor de geweldsontsporingen van Nederlandse zijde in die jaren ...
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BOGOR - De Telegraaf - Koning Willem-Alexander heeft als eerste Nederlandse staatshoofd over spijt en excuses gesproken voor Nederlands geweld na het uitroepen van de Indonesische onafhankelijkheid. Dat deed hij bij de start van het staatsbezoek aan Indonesië. „Voor ...
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JAKARTA - Koning Willem-Alexander en koningin Máxima zijn aangekomen in Indonesië voor een staatsbezoek. Even voor vieren in de middag plaatselijke tijd (tien uur ’s ochtends in Nederland) landden ze met het regeringsvliegtuig op een luchthaven in het zuidoosten van de ...
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NLTIMES - King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima will, with a few possible exceptions, not shake anyone's hands during their State visit to Indonesia this week. This is to reduce the chance of catching the coronavirus Covid-19, was reported during the briefing ahead of the state visit on ...
05/03/2020 0 comment - Already a quarter of a century ago Queen Beatrix accompanied with, then crownprince, Willem-Alexander, visited Indonesia. Next week for the third time a Dutch sovereign will be on a state visit to the Republic of Indonesia, economic superpower and one of the ...
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Indonesia has garnered praise for its decision to provide humanitarian assistance to the nearly 100 Rohingya migrants stranded off the northern coast of Aceh this week, as pressure mounts on the region to deal with the crisis in Myanmar.


Wonderful Indonesia

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The spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has brought the tourism sector to a screeching halt, resulting in the collapse of tourism-related industries comprising aviation, hotel, restaurant, and other travel and hospitality businesses worldwide. With the COVID-19 pandemic lingering ...
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Jakarta (ANTARA) - A giant corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanum Becc.), reaching 291 centimeters in height, has bloomed once again in the Cibodas Botanical Garden Conservation Center at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in Bogor. The flower, which is a part of the taro tribe (Araceae), ...
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Congratulation! Danau Toba – The Biggest Caldera Lake in the World wins the best promotional film at the 16th edition of the International Tour Film Fest – Bulgaria “On the East Coast of Europe” for category Tourism Destination: Region
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Congratulation! Raja Ampat – The King of the Ocean wins the best promotional clip at the 16th edition of the International Tour Film Fest – Bulgaria “On the East Coast of Europe” for category Tourism Product: Eco Tourism
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A tropical island paradise and a melting pot of cultures, Bintan Island offers visitors so much more to do than just sit on the beach. Less than two hours from both Singapore and Jakarta, Bintan Island is a convenient getaway from frantic city life. The gorgeous destination is home to lavish, ...
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While for most of us, talking about death is considered a taboo, for the Torajans inhabiting the picturesque mountain setting in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, it’s a lifelong task – since death doesn’t mean a final farewell. Torajans learn from a very young age to bear death and ...
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Also known as the Moluccas or Spice Islands, the remote Maluku Islands are a forgotten part of Indonesia. The islands are blessed with peaceful swathes of white sand, picturesque villages and interesting history. This Indonesian hidden gem has marine life that rivals world-famous Raja Ampat in ...
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Sumatra may seem otherworldly for those who’ve only been to Indonesia’s big touristy spots. As one of the archipelago’s largest islands, Sumatra’s tourism scene covers everything from world-class surfing to historical highlands. Outshined by the more popular Bali or Java, ...
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Indonesia is blessed with vast archipelago surrounding by sapphire-blue waters. As much as thousands of islands across the country resonate paradise, with a mesmerizing horizon of seas, full of magical underwater corals and animals. These are what have taken Indonesia to the world’s eyes. ...
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Belitung Island is the home of beautiful beaches and stunning Island. In Sijuk District, you can find Tanjung Tinggi Beach. It is located in the north part of Belitung Island. If you come from Tanjung Pandan, you need to do a trip about 36 km. The beach is located situated between Tanjung Pendam ...

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