Mokhammad Khusnu
Transportation Attaché

Transportation Attache is government organisation under Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia who is responsible to the Head of general affair beureau for administration and budgetting.

On the daily technical assignments in accredited region in netherland and in observed region in mainland European countries, Transportation Attache is responsible to Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia for The Kongdom of the Netherlands.

The Main job of Transportation Attache is to represent the interest of the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia regarding technical cooperation and agreement bilaterally, regionally and / or multilaterally in area of transportation with acredited country and observed countries and as well as international organization. 

Legal Aspect:

  1. Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia 108/2003 about Governmental organization of international mission of the Republic of Indonesia in other country.
  2. Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia directive KM 37/2007 about procedure to assign government official of the ministry of transportation as an transportation attache, technical staff and official staff at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in other country.
  3. Minister of Foreign Affair of the Republic of Indonesia Decree SK.01638/B/K/P/II/2015/19 dated February 24, 2015 about Designation of transportation attache at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in the Hague, the Netherlands.


Public service :

 Provide an assistance for indonesian seafearers and sailors who are on-job in shipping industries in Hollands and surroundings


Bilateral Cooperation information

  1. Technical trainning on maritime and logistic between STC Netherlands and Pelindo 2 indonesia
  2. Development and construction of Kuala Tanjung international hub-port of North Sumatera region between Port of Rotterdam Netherlands and Pelindo 1 Indonesia
  3. Technical cooperation on railway between VRS Railway Industry Netherlands and PT. Pramita Mulia Mitrakarya in Indonesia which is currently supplying signalling equipments for MRT Jakarta
  4. Technical cooperation on ship building between DAMEN shipyard Netherlands with PT. PAL Surabaya, PT. Dumas Surabaya dan Steadfast Pontianak
  5. Technical trainning on tram/LRT between MRDH (Metropolregio Rotterdam and Den Haag) Netherlands and DG Railway, Ministry of transportation of the Republic of Indonesia for development of Tram in Surabaya


Tobias Asserlaan 8,
2517 KC Den Haag, Belanda

Contact & Services

Office Hour:
Monday - Friday
10.00 - 15.00 

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
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Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
10.00-12.00 (submission)

14.00-15.00 (collection)
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Tuesday & Thursday
10.00-12.00 (submission) 
14.00-15.00 (collection)
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The Embassy closes on the Indonesian and Dutch national holidays

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