Last update: 3 February 2020

To find information about the unknown relatives in Indonesia, living or deceased, you are advised to contact the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia/PMI), through the Secretary General of the Indonesian Red Cross in Jakarta; or the contact the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta. Below are the information for the Indonesian Red Cross and the Dutch Embassy in Indonesia:

The Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia/PMI)
Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto kav. 96
Jakarta 12790, Indonesia
P.O. Box 2009
Tel. : (00-62-21) 799.2325
Fax. : (00-62-21) 799.5188

The Dutch Embassy in Jakarta
Jl. Rasuna Said Kav. S-3 Kuningan
Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
Tel. : (00-62-21) 525.1515
Fax. : (00-62-21) 570.0734


Tobias Asserlaan 8,
2517 KC Den Haag, Belanda

Contact & Services

Office Hour:
Monday - Friday
10.00 - 17.00 

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Wednesday & Friday

Tuesday & Thursday


The Embassy closes on the Indonesian and Dutch national holidays

Holiday 2020