Last update: 3 February 2020

Transporting the Remains of the Deceased

  1. Application letter from family member/relatives of the deceased and if necessary from the mortuary or funeral company (download here).
  2. International extract from death register and burial transmit permit issued by the municipality (Gemeente).
  3. Pass for transshipment Permit/Laissez-passer mortuaire issued by the Municipality (Gemeente).
  4. Medical Statement or death certificate and Letter of embalming issued by the Hospital/Doctor.
  5. Original passport and photocopy passport of the deceased.
  6. Flight document/Airway bill.
  7. Declaration  letter from the family member/relative of the deceased who will receiving the remains of the deceased and being held responsible for the funeral rite/ceremony as well as to enclose letter of permission approved by the local government or relevantinstitution where the deceased will be buried and a photocopy of Indonesian Identity Card of the family member/relative (KTP)
  8. Before transporting the remains of the deceased to Indonesia, the coffin has to be sealed by the Embassy of the Republic ofIndonesia in The Hague.

Transporting Ashes

  1. Application letter from the family member or relative of the deceased, who is responsible for transporting ashes of the deceased to Indonesia (download here
  2. International extract of death register issued by the municipality (Gemeente)
  3. Declaration of cremation from the Crematorium (in English)
  4. Photocopy passport  of the deceased and the applicant
  5. Photocopy Itinerary/ or boeking bewijs issued by travel agent.
  6. Declaration  letter from family member/ relative of the deceased stating who will receive the ashes of the deceased and a person who is responsible for the ceremony. A photocopy of Indonesian Identity Card (KTP) of the family member / relative is also needed. (declaration letter download here)
  7. The information regarding name of deceased, crematorium and crematorium's reference number must be affixed on urn.  Provide a copy of picture of the information stated on the urn.
  8. Before transporting to Indonesia, the sealed urn from crematorium has to be sealed by The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in The Hague. The schedule for sealing the urn is made upon an appointment, after all of the documents have been checked and completed.

Please send the application form+all requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and make a apoitment before you come to the Embassy.
To make apoitment please call to 070-3108122/0703108121

More info, please contact to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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