Exciting Banten on Seba Baduy

2019-03-24 00:00 - 2019-03-31 00:00
Baduy, Banten, Java, Indonesia

The Seba Baduy, an annual ritual of the secluded Baduy (sometimes spelled Badui), a sub-ethnic group in Banten Province-will take place when this normally isolated community will emerge and finally show themselves to the world, thereby allowing the public to catch a glimpse of this mysterious community that has held fast to their age-old ways of life.

The Baduy in the province of Banten, west of the city of Jakarta, is a sub-ethnic group that believes in keeping their villages completely closed to outsiders. Nor do they venture out of their own area, and for centuries have kept themselves to their own way of life. In time, two communities emerged, known as the Inner and the Outer Baduys. While Inner Baduys are not allowed to step outside their own periphery, the outer Baduys may do so, but must still strictly keep to their old traditions.


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