Bangka Culture Wave 2019

2019-03-24 00:00 - 2019-04-05 00:00
Tongaci Beach, Sungailiat, Bangka District, Indonesia
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Bangka Culture Wave Festival or Bangka Culture and Natural Festival has been held since 2015 in the Liat River, Pangkal Pinang and Muntok in the form of walking performances. With different themes, ranging from Naga Turtle, ChengHo World Cultural Academy (ABCD) to Mother Earth. This year and so on took the momentum of Chengbeng, the theme of Coming Home Celebration was held.

Bangka Culture Wave Festival for 2 weeks will be filled with art performances, installation exhibitions, turtle releases, bazart, community meetings and lantern parades. To further enliven this event, the committee will hold dance music performances performed by the best artists from local, domestic and overseas.

Of the many beaches that surround Bangka Island, Sungailiat city in Bangka Regency offers the largest collection of beaches, and some of the most unique, not found elsewhere. One of the beaches is the beautiful Rambak Beach.

Not too far from Sungailiat center, Pantai Rambak perfectly combines extensive sand that gently stretches seamlessly into the sparkling turquoise waters of the Strait of Kalimata. Large granite stones protruding in the water, appearing to contradict the beach's calm appearance. Clearly, the blue sky stretches above the horizon, sporadically decorated with soft white clouds.

Fly to Depati Amir Airport in Pangkalpinang, the capital of Bangka Belitung Province. This domestic airport can be accessed from Jakarta, Batam and Palembang. Sungailiat City is about 30 kilometers from Pangkalpinang and can be reached by road in less than one hour. On the trips along the coastal road, you can enjoy the beautiful views of large rivers, bridges and old and traditional houses.

Pantai Rambak is a 15-minute drive from Sungailiat city and is easily accessible by car or motorcycle rental. This beach does not run under any specific management, so you are free to park the vehicle where you like and enjoy the beach you want.


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