The Indonesian Embassy in The Hague Supports the Promotion and Empowerment of Women in Science

The Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, in cooperation with the Indonesian Student Association in Eindhoven, held a webinar themed “Women in Science: Promoting and Empowering Women Scientists to Change the World” on 1 October 2021.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Mayerfas reiterated that Indonesia’s effort in empowering women is at every level, nationally, regionally, and globally. For Indonesia, investing in women means investing in human rights.

As the keynote speaker, Ambassador Odette Melono, Deputy Director-General of the OPCW stressed the importance of inclusiveness in giving women equal opportunity to access and excel, especially in the STEM field. The OPCW acknowledge the inclusiveness and changes were made to give access to women, at the technical as well as in the policy-making organ at the OPCW.

The webinar presented an inspiring list of panelists, namely Dr. Carina Citra Dewi Joe, Professor Catherine Ngila, and Marina Ika Irianti, sharing their inspiring experiences and insightful perspective on the STEM field.

Some valuable intakes from the panelists are the importance of support, among others from family, society, government, academics, and industries, to give equal opportunities as well as equal access to men and women in pursuing careers in the STEM field while making sure the needed competence to the field is met. Changing the paradigm that women should be in the domestic area is important to encourage women and girls to pursue their aspirations in the STEM field.

The media is also an important agent in putting forward gender equity and equal access in all sectors including STEM. Lastly, a sound message to all women and girls aspiring in the STEM field, shared by panelists is to be confident in realizing your aspirations and be courageous in doing so.

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