Indonesia Promotes 36 Specialty Coffee Varieties in the Netherlands

The Embassy of Indonesia in The Hague held “Indonesian Coffee Cupping 2021” event to promote 36 specialty coffee varieties to prospective buyers in The Hague, Netherlands. The coffee varieties were produced by 22 farmers from various areas in Indonesia, such as Sumatera, Java, Bali, Flores, Sulawesi, and Papua.

Besides buyers and importers, the 50 participants of the Coffee Cupping event were also Baristas, Cuppers, Coffee Vloggers, and media. The 22 Indonesian coffee farmers also attended the event virtually. During the event, participants evaluated the taste of each coffee variety through cupping techniques and conversed with the farmers.

According to the Ambassador of Indonesia to the Netherlands, Mayerfas, the Coffee Cupping event was held to provide a platform for the farmers to meet with importers and roasters amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Although COVID-19 limits the movement and trade activities, we cannot stop facilitating contact between farmers and buyers to promote Indonesian coffee in the Netherlands. Through this Coffee Cupping, the farmers can interact directly with the buyers, roasters, dan other participants albeit virtually,” explained Ambassador Mayerfas. 

In addition, the Indonesian Embassy facilitated the farmers to earn Cupping Certificate by testing the green beans in the laboratory. The certificate can increase the selling value of the coffee product in the Netherlands and Europe. 


The Netherlands is one of Indonesia’s most promising coffee markets in Europe. The value of Indonesian coffee exported to The Netherlands in 2020 totaled around USD 5.6 million, with an upward trend over the last 5 years of 23.4 percent.


The Trade Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, Sabbat Christian Jannes, asserted that some of the buyers expressed interest in purchasing some of the coffee varieties. “Daarnhouwer, one of the major coffee importers in the Netherlands, intended to further look into some of the coffee varieties that excelled in taste and quality,” affirmed Sabbat.


Sabbat further explained that the Indonesian Embassy will continue to follow up the intention of buyers present at the Coffee Cupping event and other potential buyers in the Netherlands. “We will also send the Green Beans sample from the farmers to other potential buyers for further follow up,” added Sabbat.


The Indonesian Embassy in the Hague held the Indonesia Coffee Cupping event in collaboration with Indonesian coffee farmers, Astra International, Coffee Cupping International, and CSA Logistics.

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